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Boy reading Zara's Wash Day


The Know Your Hairitage ™ Book series is a collection of children’s books (ages 5-9) that celebrates global cultural hair traditions. This beautifully illustrated series was designed to empower, educate and uplift children and adults with heritage by way of “hairitage.”

Author, Zenda Walker is a licensed cosmetologist who from an early age looked at the world from the lens of beauty and fashion. She remembered how important wash day was growing up. It was a right of passage and important bonding time for her, her twin sister and mom. Many of her black friends shared similar wash day experiences well into their adulthood. Along her hair journey, Zenda discovered that friends of various nationalities had hair grooming traditions that told their ancestral stories as well.

Once Zenda began to have conversations about the significance of their cultural hair styles on her daughter Zara’s wash days, she noticed a difference in Zara’s confidence. She realized that knowing your heritage by way of ”hairitage” is a fun way to educate children on the rich history that often gets overlooked in mainstream curriculum. The Know Your Hairitage ™ brand believes that enriching children of color with their royal history is a great way to build confidence. We also believe that the more we all seek to acknowledge and understand others, the closer we will get to an inclusive world that values diversity.

children reading Zara's Wash Day Book Image
children reading Zara's Wash Day Book Image
children reading Zara's Wash Day Book Image
children reading Zara's Wash Day Book Image
Zara's wash day book cover image
writer's digest grand prize winner - Zara's Wash Day Image


It’s wash day and Zara is not excited about wearing her hair in the same styles Mama usually creates. But once Mama takes Zara on a cultural journey to help her understand the significance of each hairstyle, wash days will never be the same!

Know Your Hairitage: Zara’s Wash Day is a semi-biographical story about how the hair texture and cultural styles of people of African descent are linked to a colorful and layered ancestral story. 

Adjusting Crowns By Amplifying Hairitage Stories

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