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Truth is in the eye of the beholder and all people are beautiful but do Western beauty standards represent all people? From tribal times, cultures have had a history of beauty styles that reflect their people and their own origin stories. Our mission is to educate our world and show the diverse beauty within all people making it more equitable and inclusive. We offer hands-on styling workshops, History lessons, presentations and business strategy consultation to educate and transform people and organizations in order to see the beauty in all people.


Our workshops offer an insight into the cultural influences of people of color on their own traditional beauty standards mostly based on indigenous origins and cultural traditions. From training beauty industry professionals and every day people on how to create their own culturally significant hairstyles to educating organizations and corporate marketing departments about appropriately diverse, equitable and inclusive marketing and advertising images and corporate culture, we want to establish an honest look at inclusive beauty standards and be sensitive to the true styles of all people.



Styling Technique Workshop:

Hands Styling Workshop with Live Models or Doll Heads. This workshop is great for cosmetology students or for anyone seeking tips on recreating authentic cultural looks. Available in AA/Native American/LatinX/Asian Hairitage Classes (2hours) (4 hours)
Historical Context: A deep dive into the origins of hairitage and how the indigenous styles have influenced beauty on a global scale with an open discussion on diversity & inclusion and best practices with regards to recreating culturally influenced styles.

Technical Process: Tips and tricks on how to recreate styles. (sectioning, styling, recommended products & tools, accessories)

Hairitage Lessons:

A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion interactive discussion and history lesson on the origins of indigenous hair culture. Great for companies seeking the knowledge and research to elevate targeted marketing campaigns. Workshop (2hours) (4 hours)

Historical context: A deep dive into hair texture and the biology of hair and the origins of hairitage and how indigenous styles have influenced beauty on a global scale.

Consulting Services:

Partnering with businesses and non-profits to share insights and design marketing/sales strategies that honor and celebrate indigenous culture.

  • Dissecting company marketing campaign/product launch to brainstorm on ethnical and inclusive ways to captivate target audience.
  • How to weave diversity, equity and inclusion into marketing campaign and encourage inclusive mindset when launching new initiatives.
  • Strategies for fostering inclusion when developing initiatives.



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