Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“Everyone has a Hairitage” – Zenda Walker, Author & CEO

The Know Your Hairitage ™ brand family believes that education is a vital tool in the movement to create more diverse, equitable and inclusive spaces for all people. The more we know about the rich cultural norms and practices of various ethnic groups, the better prepared we are to manage implicit, unconscious bias and systems that create systematic inequities from K-12 classrooms, to large corporations all the way to political offices. Diversity, equity and inclusion are interrelated, and true success results when they co-exist within organizations.


Consulting Services

Transforming your company culture is the key to building social change and ensuring the environment is opportunity-based. Reactionary strategy has proven ineffective in the movement to dismantle entire systems that are designed to exclude. There are obvious and unseen systematic forces at play, so companies that desire to be progressive must self-examine and put proactive strategy and practices into place.


Building social change and ensuring all environments are opportunity-based are just a few of the challenges facing school districts and organizations. Transforming the culture requires pro-active self-examination and putting proactive strategies in place. Know Your Hairitage ™ provides consulting services that empowers school districts and HR departments to approach diversity practices and initiatives with elevated awareness. Services provided by Know Your Hairitage ™ will help school districts and companies with the framework for creating diverse and inclusive environments and developing winning marketing and sales strategies that resonate with internal and external audiences.

We Offer:

  • BUSINESS CONSULTING (Incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion principals into organizational framework)
  • TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS (Historical context combined with cosmetology workshops)
  • TEAM BUILDING WORKSHOPS (Interactive presentation and group learning)
  • SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT APPEARANCES (Social Media Lives, In-person panels, Book signings)

(Pricing varies on a project basis)

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