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KYH Beauty & Wash Day Tips & Tricks

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Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks

KYH weighs in on the latest beauty trends and shares tips & tricks for wash day fun!

Mama and Zara’s Recommendations for Wash Day Prep

Wash Day is a rite of passage for many families of African descent. So many can relate to the smell of their favorite shampoo and conditioner, gathering clips and tools for sectioning, the smell of the moisturizing products or even the sound and smell of the hot comb running though hair. While wash day is a special time to bond and practice selfcare, without the right products and tools, wash day experiences can be challenging for everyone involved. Detangling textured hair can be time consuming and creating protective styles for people who have scalp sensitivity can also be tough to navigate. Even though there are more products in the market that are dedicated to a variety of textures, it can be challenging finding the right ones. Before we dive into the right products and tools, it’s important to first think about creating an uplifting environment and experience during a child’s developmental years. This will also help build the child’s self-esteem as it relates to their hair.

I’d like to share some changes I started implementing on me and Zara’s wash days. I had to start new generational norms to ease what was becoming a stressful time. I was becoming frustrated with the time it took to prep for wash day and how tender headed Zara was. I realized that my frustration was showing up in the worst way throughout our routine. I also used words like “difficult” and “tough” to describe her tight coils. It was time to change my mindset and speak life into my daughter and show her how truly amazing her hair really is. The start of the pandemic allowed me to pause and take more time to make wash day an event that Zara and I could both look forward to. Check out the wash day recommendations below to enhance your child’s wash day experience!

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